Not all who wander are lost.

This is a side blog for lots of ramblings about my feelings on life and pretty pictures that make me happy.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight." Proverbs 3:5-6.

Nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy my blog.

You know what? Go fuck yourself. You sleep with me for 18 months then tell me you don’t want to lead me on and you want to settle down with someone as long as that person’s not me. Well you’re a horrible person and I hope you end up as lonely as you’ve made me feel. In one text, because you didn’t have the balls to say it to my face, you made me feel completely worthless and I now can’t stand you as a person. This is why I find it so hard to trust anyone romantically.

I only ever use this blog when I’m upset, usually about the same stupid person. But considering he told me he couldn’t care less about me on Saturday and then declared himself as “in a relationship” with someone else, I guess that’s my decision made for me.

I hate you so much. I hate you so much because I like you so much. You say you’re proud of the fact that I’m such a bitter person, well maybe if you weren’t such a doichebag and didn’t treat me like absolute crap, maybe I wouldn’t be so bitter. I’m pretty sure I’ve been making it perfectly clear how much I like you only to have you act like it never happened and you’re single on valentine’s you wouldn’t be single if you gave me a chance. But that’s it though isn’t it? That’s all I ever am, I have sex with people because I think it’ll make them stay when they just get what they want and then leave. Every single time.
I wanted to sort everything out and have a proper conversation with you for once so that I knew where we were and what was happening unlike the past 6 months but you couldn’t even be bothered to reply with the word “no” when I asked if we could meet up.
I give up. I really do, I’ve spent so much time putting in so mug effort and for what? To be ignored, made to feel pretty much absolutely worthless when you tell everyone on Facebook you’re going out with all of your single friends and then start inviting girls to it. I bet I didn’t cross your mind once. And I wish I had the guts to say all of this to your face.